Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia Sahiwal, Pakistan


Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia Sahiwal established in 1984 by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Maqbool Ahmed Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia works with Wifaq-Ul-Madaris Al-Arabia in all its educational programs.


More than 1000 students study at Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia under the guidance of more than 60 capable teachers with 90-100 students graduating each year. For any queries contact us.


Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia is a non-profit Islamic Institution. There is no regular means of earning of Jamia. Help our Cause with your donations and zakat.

Free Eye Surgery Camp At Jamia For The Treatment Of Deserving Patients

Approximately 570 000 adults are estimated to be blind as a result of cataract in Pakistan. Most people from remote areas don’t have proper knowledge and health coverage available for eye related diseases. As a result many people perish to this slowly developing disease. Even if the treatment is available it is very expensive and many people cannot afford it. A free eye surgery camp will be set up at Jamia…

Istifta Service Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia

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