At Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia the following courses are offered for both boys & girls and after successful completion of their studies,receive the relevent Certificates/Degrees.

Vocational Education

Refresher Courses of Arabic Grammar

In order to enhance the capability of the students of the Jamia, during annual vacations, refresher courses on Arabic Grammar (dura-i- surf-o-nahiv) are conducted in which the students of the Jamia as well as interested people from outside the Jamia participate and benefit from these courses.

Academic Year and Admissions

The academic year of Jamia Uloom-i-Sharia starts from the 10th of Shawwal, while new admissions also start with the same date. Last year the Jamia received 500 applications but due to limited financial resources & space in the hostels and in the classrooms, admissions were given to only 200 students/candidates where as 300 candidates went back being disappointed. In case the Jamia has more financial resources & space in its hostels and has more classrooms, it can offer admissions to a vast majority of candidates.


There are three examinations in the academic year of the Jamia which are as follows:
1st Quarter (In the first week of Safar)
Half Term (In the first week of Jumadi Al-Aula)
Annual (In the first week of Sha' ban)


The annual vacations for the students of the Faculties of Higher Education starts from 10th Sha’ban to 10th Shawwal whereas the annual vacations for the Department of Memorization of the Holy Quran starts from 25th Ramazan to 1st Shawwal.
More over there are holidays of ten days on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.
Weekly holidays start from the Asar prayer of Thursday and the students are expected to reach back in the Jamia before Maghrib prayer of Friday.
Every day there is a break between Asar and Maghrib for games, sports and recreation.
Moreover there is a break of two hours every day after lunch till the Azan of Zuhar but this time is only for rest which is compulsory.