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  • Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia Sahiwal established in 1984 by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Maqbool Ahmed (Rahimahullah).
  • Hazrat Allama Ghulam Rasool (Rahimahullah) was first principal of Jamia.
  • The Jamia is one of the greatest academic institutions of Pakistan situated in a healthy beautiful environment on G.T. Road Sahiwal along side the canal.
  • The Jamia consists of a double storied main building consisting of over 50 classrooms and a wide glorious Mosque.
  • Catering for over one thousand (1000) male and female students coming from far-flung areas to quench the thirst of knowledge.
  • Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia works with Wifaq-Ul-Madaris Al-Arabia in all its educational programs.
  • Over fourty (60) capable, hard working and experienced teachers and full time working staff look after all the activities of students.
  • The Jamia contains ten (10) sections of Hifz and Tajweed-ul-Quran, where 90-100 students qualify each year.
  • A total of hundred (100) daily periods for basic and higher education to be able to understand Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English languages and their grammars, learn principles, meaning and commentary of Holy Quran, Holy verdicts of the Prophet (up to Dora-E-Hadis) and Islamic law in detail along with training in expression, teaching and practical doing.
  • The Jamia strives to provide free education, accommodation, meals, and treatment, along with monthly scholarships to students.